2015 Cal Storm National Showcase Preview

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Andee Velasco Hits Big 3!

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Gabby Green

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The Following games are found in recruiter page:

Cal Storm National Showcase
•West Coast Premier vs. Team Taurasi

EYBL Nike Invitational Tournament Chicago July 9-13th
•DFW vs. Team Taurasi
•Michigan Crossover vs. Team Taurasi

Cal Storm National Show Case July 7th-10th 2014
•Team LaHaina vs. Team Taurasi
•Hayward Swoosh vs. Team Taurasi
•Tuscon Heat vs. Team Taurasi

Cal Storm Summer Shootout June 28th-29th 2014
•Cencal Heat vs. Team Taurasi
•SOL vs. Team Taurasi
•Reing vs. Team Taurasi

Selesian Force Tournament June 14th-15th 2014
•MOC vs. Team Taurasi
•West Coast Premier vs. Team Taurasi
Future Stars All Star June 7th, 2014
•East vs West

Boo Williams EYBL April 27th, 2014
•New Jersey Sparks vs. Team Taurasi
•Tree of Hope vs. Team Taurasi
•Tennessee Flight vs. Team Taurasi

West Coast Invitational May 17th, 2014
•Team Taurasi vs. Cal Sparks
•Nor Cal Sparks vs. Team Taurasi
•Cal Swish vs. Team Taurasi
•Missouri MO Phenom vs. Team Taurasi

Swift Invitational Championship June 1st, 2014
•Cal Sparks vs. Team Taurasi
•GBL vs. Team Taurasi

USJN in Los Angeles April 24th - 27th, 2014
•Cal Storm 17 Elite vs. CBC 17 Gold
•Cal Storm 17 Elite vs. GSB 17

Cal Storm Invitational March 29th - 30th, 2014 •Lynwood Knights vs. Cal Storm 17 Elite

Nike Nationals July 26-28, 2013
•All Iowa Attack vs. Cal Storm 15U
•Philadelphia Belles vs. Cal Storm 15U
•West Coast Premier vs. Cal Storm 15U
•CY Fair vs. Cal Storm 15U

Cal Storm National Showcase July 9th, 2013
•Kalakua Wahine vs. Team Mariana
•Mamba Basketball vs. Kalakua Wahine

WCP Invitational May 18-19, 2013
•DFW vs. Team Taurasi
•Essence vs. Salesian Force
•Wiggins Waves vs. WCP Black
•Cal Ballaz vs. OC Elite

Balboa Hills Tournament May 3rd, 2013
•Cal Storm 17U vs. CBC
•Cal Storm Grey vs. Triple Threat

Nike Nationals July 29th 2012
•Cal Storm vs. Boo Williams
•Team Taurasi vs. Georgia Metros
•CBC vs. Cal Storm 15U
•Cal Storm Nationals vs. Tennesee Flight