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Our Service
College Bound Recruiting Service was created to help provide a platform for prospective student-athletes of all levels to showcase their talents to college coaches, national evaluators and national award committees. College Bound Recruiting Service bridges the gap between prospective student-athletes and college coaches on a national level through a series of videos and player profiles. Our simple goal is to help bring together recruiters and athletes using the power of the Internet, giving 24/7 video access to a national audience of athletic recruiters.

College Bound Recruiting Service provides member athletes the very best exposure possible to America's college coaches by promoting our members' abilities, accomplishments and potential to ensure their best chance for scholarship consideration opportunities. We offer complete profiles and honest scouting reports on our prospects, providing coaches a more efficient way to identify, evaluate and recruit better high school student-athletes.

Our reputation for providing quality products and service is well-earned: College coaches recognize College Bound Recruiting Service student-athletes as being among the best prospects in the nation. We have over twenty-six years of experience in supplying college coaches an accurate and reliable third party student/athlete analysis. In short, coaches trust our analysis; therefore, we provide the credibility you need.

College Bound Recruiting Service and its partners offer multiple events, including numerous games and competitions, individual skills workouts, and other filmed opportunities for athletes to showcase their talents. Combining college scouting services, events and web presence, we are able to match hundreds of college coaches who follow and support our network with the players to whom we have access.

College Coaches
Our "College Coaches Only" recruiting service was created specifically to assist college coaches in the recruiting process. College basketball programs from conferences including the Big East, SEC, PAC 12, WCC and Big 10, as well as NCAA DII -DIII and NAIA conferences will rely heavily on our video skills service. As reductions persist in athletic travel budgets and the NCAA continues to limit the number of days when coaches can watch players compete in person, College Bound Recruiting Service provides a cost-effective solution to assist college coaches in their recruiting efforts.

Online Web Service
College scouts who sign-up for the College Bound Recruiting Service will receive an all-access subscription to our online video library of high school girls' basketball games and Club HS level events. They will have the ability to watch games and player videos online when they want, regardless of when they are played.

Video Access
Our direct video access and athlete profile will give coaches the maximum possible exposure to the student athlete. Our service offers visible skill assessment and athletic ability demonstration in addition to comprehensive game film. Our service provides national coverage of the top HS players, giving detailed skills demonstrations and evaluations of prospects' strengths, weaknesses, grade, preferred position, height, weight, stats, contact info, and academic information. Recruiters and subscribers gain access to detailed player profiles, multiple game and skills videos, and relevant contact information for potential recruits of all levels.

We do it so you're College Bound!!

George Quintero